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Are you too tired to even sleep? Do you lack the energy to live the life and be in the body you want?
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I often hear from mom’s who are incredibly busy and overwhelmed that it is impossible to eat healthfully all the time and do it in a way that is affordable, simple and practical.

I get that. I am a working mom with 3 energetic kids.

I help busy moms JUST LIKE YOU find hormonal balance so that you can start feeling happy, thinking clearly, managing your weight effortlessly, having a healthy sexy libido without pain, feeling vibrant, having strong bones and joints, attaining shiny healthy hair and skin, feeling and looking your best. get back to YOUR sexy self!

This is Why I do What I Do

I was raised in a small town,1 hour away from center of town and school. My chickens became my best friends. Communicating with my animal friends was normal to me. That was easy since I have always had a deep love for animals. When I was 8, I doctored one of my chickens back to health when every one else around me was giving up on that being and didn’t think its life was worth saving. All my friend needed was love and attention besides hydration. I learned a lot of valuable lessons especially around nutrition observing and caring for my animal friends.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of healing animals and people. I have had this intuitive nature of how to do that. I have been conscious about how food and nutrition plays an important role in our health. I have been backing my intuition with years of research and experiential traveling around the world studying different cultures and ancient wisdom.

Coming to America!

Before coming to the U.S, I grew up in a small town where we bought our produce and food items from local farmers and ranchers. My chickens produced the most delicious egg. Going out to eat was an unusual activity. My grandmother and mother were always cooking up delicious meals made with local and seasonal ingredients. To me, that was just normal. It formed my views on how I eat and knowing where my food comes from and knowing how to treat the land and your animals.

To escape an oppressive government and a very dangerous situation, after many years of trying to leave a war ridden country, my parents were finally able to bring me and my brother safely to the U.S when I was 13 years of age.

I remember being made fun of by my new peers for bringing home made food to school or choosing salad and orange juice over chicken nuggets and coke when going to McDonalds with my friends. Years later at our 20th reunion party did they express their wish to pay more attention to the food that they ate.

Though I was aware and passionate about nutrition from a young age, getting a degree in nutrition was not something my guidance counselor recommended. Well intentioned family members, peers, and counselors thought there were only 4 options as a career: lawyer, doctor, accountant or engineer. I was organized and patterns came easy to me, so I chose accounting as my college degree.

Hind sight is 20/20. Although my accounting degree has served me in many ways, now I know to let go of well meaning but misinformed guidance. I choose to follow my joy.

Fast forward to many years later. Things got really insanely busy when I became a mom. At one point I had three kids under the age of 3! I was BUSY taking care of 3 kids and a husband: making sure every was fed organic healthy foods, all the time, at the right times, got enough sleep and attention.

What is interesting is that in the process of helping others especially after I became a mother, like so many other busy moms, I stopped taking care of myself.

It wasn’t until I had a wake up call from my 6 year old son that made me realize that.

Former Chocoholic!

I am a former chocolate addict. I have always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating consciously and being active, but when I was a teenager, my vice was chocolate and any kind would do. I convinced myself that as long as it was just chocolate that I was eating, I wasn’t a junk food addict. In my high school senior poll, a new category was created for my condition and I was voted Chocoholic! I was borderline hypoglycemic.

Although I had “hanger” (hunger and anger), lack of energy, and shakiness when hungry, I didn’t take those as signs of a developing condition. Feeding my “hanger” with chocolate only worsened my hypoglycemic condition.

In the process of helping my son control his sugar addiction, I realized I had the same addiction. And I realized in taking care of everyone else I was neglecting myself. And my children were being effected by me neglecting myself. I noticed that I am a tired mom. I have three little kids, volunteering and working on a family business, I don’t have time to think about what to cook sometimes, I don’t feel like myself. I didn’t feel vibrant.

And through helping my son, I not only cleared my hypoglycemia condition that plagued me since my teens, I was able to have more time, energy, sanity and vitality.

Seeing how our lifestyle helped him, my son asked me to help other families so that they can live life free of suffering. That’s when I started doing what I love to do.

Balancing Act

Another pivotal moment in my life was when in 2016 I almost died.

Between taking care of my family, my aging parents, growing business, and burning the midnight oil, I had lost myself in the not-so-healthy routine I created to please everyone first and me last. Against my better knowing, I opted for the “quick fix” route because I didn’t want to adjust my lifestyle. I thought I could use a “simple” hormone cream and continue being a machine. That bio identical hormone that was considered to be safe and in diluted amount than originally prescribed by a functional gynecologist almost killed me.

I had no other choice. I went into hyper research mode. The solutions I discovered were simply shocking.

I didn’t want to chase the information or my health by going to one specialist after another.

One, I didn’t have the budget.

Two, I had even more limited time.

I knew intuitively the answers were within my reach, but because I had such a severe negative reaction and I decided to implement ALL that I already knew and was advocating.

I committed to making the lifestyle change I needed to become healthy naturally. For me it was adjusting the time I went to bed, incorporating relaxation into my daily routine, implementing a ridiculously easy exercise routine that took less than 5 minutes a day and stopped eating one ingredient that I knew was adding to my waist line.

Within 2 weeks after I made those adjustments, my symptoms were gone. Poof! Bam! Those simple changes I had resisted I was able to bring back the balance into my body. I have not experienced any symptoms since nor would I want to.

I will admit that it wasn’t easy (simple is not the same as easy,) However, after 21 days of breaking the bad habit and 40 days resetting a new routine, it has become an effortless process.

I believe the plan from the universe was for me to go through this experience so that I can bring the wisdom of what I learned to you.

I seem to have more time because I have more energy to do things that matter to me.

After practicing all these solutions, I am confident that the benefits of these changes will carry on for the rest of my life allowing me to be free from ailments that the modern world is throwing at us.

Best of all, I am not killing myself with insane workout routines or unsatisfying guilt ridden diets.

I am defying the “norm” by only doing things that cost very little but producing massive and long lasting results.

I have helped other women live a balanced life within this modern. After seeing so many women struggle with the same things, I created courses to make all of my safe, practical and effective solutions accessible to all who are ready for this wisdom. My goal is to teach the effective principles and practices of our ancestors in a modern context for living a vibrant life.

I believe that pleasure is the cornerstone of sustainable healthy living. Living a healthy lifestyle will last when healthy food and lifestyle tastes and feels good. I believe that food can be a celebration rather than a chore when the focus is on good food and not counting calories.

I have done the research, tested and have proved the results SO that you can get back to feeling your best!

Join me and learn how to gracefully go through this transition. Most of us (including me) wouldn’t be able to figure out the best path to take on our own. If we could do it on our own, we would, but sometimes, we need guidance and encouragement. And I am here to guide you.

Honestly speaking, I am drawn to a bigger mission:

Because of the lessons and growing pains I have learned through my experiences, I am moved and feel obligated to help transform the world one woman at a time teaching the principles of feminine power to help women find their power from within.

Hi, I am Caroline. I am a Holistic Nutrition Educator and Lifestyle Coach, speaker and author of #1 International Best Selling book Fifty Shades of Grain: The Truth About Eating Bread and Feeling Great.

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