Because EVERY woman deserves to feel vibrant and sexy


I often hear from mom’s who are incredibly busy and overwhelmed that it is impossible to live healthfully all the time and do it in a way that is affordable, simple and practical.

I get that. I am a working mom with 3 energetic kids.

I help busy moms JUST LIKE YOU find hormonal balance so that you can start feeling happy, thinking clearly, managing your weight effortlessly, having a healthy sexy libido without pain, feeling vibrant, having strong bones and joints, attaining shiny healthy hair and skin, feeling and looking your best. get back to YOUR sexy self!

This is Why I do What I Do

Have you ever felt like you were being pulled all different directions, going non stop to take care of everyone else’s needs and one day realizing that you need to stop to take care of yourself first?

Have you ever felt confused around balancing your hormones? There are SO many schools of thoughts around this subject. Different doctors say different things. Celebrities who have built credibility swear by their regime. All sound so convincing. Functional doctors can’t even agree on the types of test that accurately diagnose the imbalance.

You are not alone. I know the feeling.

Because of my practice and research skills, for years women would approach me asking my opinion about hormones especially bioidentical hormones. Women who were desperate for answers would ask me about most popular doctor’s advise or more commonly what I thought about certain celebrities who swore by bio identical hormones. I would always give them the same answer. ”I can’t give you a concrete or heartfelt answer because I don’t know enough. In fact, I know very little about hormones. I haven’t done my research. I can not validate, support or dismiss what others are touting.”

I always thought the topic of hormones was so complicated. There were so many schools of thoughts around it.

I had read many literature, research articles on the topic. I heard many experts give their advise. There was always this sense of confusion around the topic. There were a lot of conflicting information.

I thought one had to have a special degree to manage being a woman!

Seriously, I thought one had to have a doctorate or pHd degree to truly understand about hormones especially around women’s hormones.

Never in a million years did I see myself helping other women balance their hormones naturally, practically and effectively without chasing one doctor, one lab test after another looking for a “magic” pill or cream that would solve their problem.

That all changed in an instant.

Story of almost dying from a “benign” bioidentical hormones in minute dose prescribed by a holistic GYN

A few years ago, my research took me to Sardinia to observe centenarians in one of the Blue Zones. That is where I met my colleague Professor Michel Poulain, THE researcher who identifies and validates Blue Zones. This is small pockets around the world where centenarians (cluster of them) live for over 100 with longevity and vitality. 

Leading up to that trip, for a few years I was burning both ends of the candle trying to take care of everyone’s needs (3 kids, a husband, a business, my dad’s health, my mom’s health, my father in law’s health). I was also questioning my relationship with my then husband with whom I had spent 28 years hoping and dreaming of a forever life together. My needs weren’t being met. I was suppressing my needs so that it didn’t cause conflict because that is the last thing I needed.

I felt very alone.

It was the most intense period of time in my life. I took my body for granted as I focused on taking care of everyone else’s needs. I thought I was invinsible. After all, I led a very healthy lifestyle. I could afford to goof.

My life would never be the same after my trip to Sardinia. I had the most terrifying experience that shook me to my core.

I had the most terrifying experience as soon as the second night.

It was day 2, five in the morning. I was thousands of miles away from home with an ocean in between me and what was home. It was my darkest moment before dawn. I was violently woken up to a sharp excruciating pain followed by profuse sweating. I don’t know where it came from and when or if it would end. Every second that passed, the pain and sweating kept intensifying. With high tolerance to pain, it was even  beyond any child birthing pain I had experienced. Movement was not an option. All I could do was to be curled up in a tight ball….. life flashing in front of my closed eye lids. I thought I was dying. It was the most two terrifying hours of my life. As sudden as the onset as this violent reaction, the sweating and pain stopped suddenly. The bed sheets and mattress was soaking wet not in a sexy way.

Those 2 hours felt like the last 2 hours of my life.

Interestingly in those 2 hours, I felt the pain that many women struggle with hormones. It came flashing in front of my eyes. It was as though, all of the women’s pain was concentrated in those 2 hours for me to witness and wake up to.

As soon as I healed from that traumatic experience, I realized what caused that violent occurrence, suddenly and intensely.

A month before while still in the states, I was searching for a quick solution to a couple of problems I was encountering.

Have you ever :

  • Experienced Night sweating in a way that is not only keeping you awake at night but leaving your sheets wet…. not from a sexy activity!
  • Or losing hair at an alarming rate, afraid that you’ll end up bald in no time!

I wasn’t feeling like myself. The volume and lack of shine in my hair was noticeable. Going from full bodied shiny hair to thinning hair was a hit to my identity, femininity and sensuality. 

I went to a holistic Gynecologist for quick fix. The same day, she ran some routine blood tests to detect my hormone levels. I didn’t know any differently. So I agreed. What could be wrong with that? It is a diagnostic tool used by many doctors. It is being used by this holistic gyn. So it should be all good. I didn’t even question it.

A few days later, after receiving the results, she recommended a benign bio identical hormone that was compounded specifically for my hormone levels. She assured me that it was benign …just like my natural hormones. I remember thinking how many trusted doctors and celebrities swore by bio identical hormone therapy.  Reluctantly I accepted it but requested it to be in minute amount.The day before traveling across the ocean, I began using the cream. 

Took responsibility and then I took action.

After that terrifying experience in Sardinia was over, I had some time to reflect, I was struck with fear that as much as I had to give, I wasn’t able to take care of everyone. I realized that running fast and hard for years took a toll on my body. I was trying to take care of 2 businesses, 3 kids, and at that time a husband and ill relatives. 

Prior to that incident, I thought I could burn both ends of the candle without letting my body get in the way.  Worst, I thought if I took bioidentical hormone therapy prescribed by a holistic gynecologist, that would be the “natural” fix I needed.

After the incident that almost cost my life, I gave myself permission to take care of myself first.

I looked for support group that understood my pain and my needs. I couldn’t find any. If there were any support groups, they would be complaining board only. Or if there was any solutions around it, it was agenda driven… a pharma drug attached to backing it.

Fortunately I had different kind of support. I had experts in different fields who fine tuned all the different parts of what I had learned and been teaching.

Not having any other choice, I went back to the drawing board. After resisting the idea, I knew it was time to implement ALL of what I was teaching others including the importance of getting the right amount and quality sleep. I was no immortal being. After taking stock of my diet, I realized that I was consuming the wrong kind of grains. After 3 weeks of getting off all bread and grain items and forcing myself back to the circadian sleep rhythm, my annoying night sweating disappeared. And I was no longer losing mass amounts of hair during my showers. That is all MY body needed.

I will admit that it wasn’t easy (simple is not the same as easy,) However, after 21 days of breaking the bad habit and 40 days resetting a new routine, it has become an effortless process.

After 3 weeks of giving my body a break, I went back to consuming grains, the right kind of grains and in moderation.

I believe the plan from the universe was for me to go through this experience so that I can bring the wisdom of what I learned to you.

I seem to have more time because I have more energy to do things that matter to me.

After practicing all these solutions, I am confident that the benefits of these changes will carry on for the rest of my life allowing me to be free from ailments that the modern world is throwing at us.

I am defying the “norm” by only doing things that cost very little but producing massive and long lasting results.

I do goof once in a while when it comes to my sleep schedule like when I go salsa dancing or doing something really fun that feeds my soul. But the majority of the time, I honor my sleep schedule.

The timing of this experience was divine. I was there in Sardinia researching and observing centenarians. After I regained some strenght back, along side professor Michel Poulain, I decided to focus on the female population asking them about what they did during perimenopause or menopause.

I also went into hyper research mode, spent years studying, reading literature, interviewing hormone specialists, doctors, experts, biochemist and labs and observing women all over the world who lived with vitality……to find the truth.

There must be a saner way.

 What I discovered was shocking….

Interestingly, when asking my research subjects, women who live in the Blue Zones how they dealt with peri-menopause or menopause, their answer was surprising!

They didn’t experience any of the symptoms that we women in U.S do.They weren’t familiar with the term nor the symptoms.  It has a lot to do with their lifestyle (mostly their diet)  and the way they process pain and experience joy.

 I realized that “hormones” are a complicated topic….even amongst practitioners AND the scientific community. We have just scratched the surface. 

I am curious, have you felt like I did? Or maybe yours is the opposite of mine. It is the same for crazy making.

You are not crazy if.

  • Your blood test don’t give you an accurate reading on where you are with your hormones.
  • Or perhaps your lab tests are “fine” but you aren’t feeling fine. “If I am so healthy on paper, why am I not feeling healthy?” Blood is fine but I am a mess.
  • You are wondering “what the hell is wrong with me?”
  • You follow all the healthy rules but you don’t feel any better.

For those of you who are having a hard time balancing your hormones, here is the stake I am putting in the ground for you.

There is not even a consensus (there was disparity) as to which form of testing (blood, urine or saliva) is  the best standard much less the treatment protocols. Doctors/practitioners who are using urine or saliva to collect samples boast about how much more reliable it is to test hormone levels. Those who collect using blood boasted about how it is the gold standard. Each form of test only shines a light on one angle.I finally reached out to a biochemist and asked which form of testing would give a good idea of where one’s hormones are. The answer shocked me! Ready for this! The only sure way to test for a complete hormone panels is by doing biopsy….of each organ….That is neither practical nor fun. Even then, since our hormones continuously change, any test will just be telling of that point in time.

Also, just as we each are biochemically individual and it changes time to time, women more so as our hormones continuously change not only from one decade to another, but from year to year, month to month, week to week, and day to day. If lab tests were going to be done, timing of the test is crucial. 

There are a lot of variables to consider in order to get a good idea about how our hormones are behaving at any given time. The interpretation of the tests is as good as the kind of test, the timing of the test and the interpreter. 

How could we as women depend on such tests when it shines a light on one sliver of time AND on a fast moving target?

How does it sound if I tell you that we all have the innate ability to be our own doctors and detect any imbalance and course correct?

To be real and sustainable, the solution must be practical, natural and effective: without the need to chase after a moving target spending thousands of dollars of lab tests or wasting my time chasing one doctor after another.

If I could reverse the night sweating and hair loss in such a short time without questionable treatments, surgery, creams or expensive tests, I knew I could help other women.

The truth is (now that I can see clearly), that sudden and violent experience was such a gift. I am glad it was sudden. I am glad it was violent. If it wasn’t, I was going to die slowly. I got to see how taking care of myself and walk and walk fully before taking care of anyone or anything else was necessary for my survival and would actually serve others even deeper.

Since then I have been helping women who suffer needlessly from Hot flashes, night sweating, PMS, low libido, sex hurts, mood swings, incontinence, weight control, feeling sad/depressed, hot tempered, stressed out, joint pain, skin issues, sleep issues etc

I think it is time for women to realize that we are complete. There is nothing wrong with us. No one can “fix” us better than ourselves.

I want to inspire, encourage and educate women that it is not only practical and effective to take care of your health naturally, it is wonderfully fulfilling without deprivation or feeling guilty or getting exhausted chasing after your health.

I want women to feel their best. I want them to be able to do that naturally without exhausting themselves, resources and money chasing after their health seeking advice from one doctor or expensive lab test or questionable treatment after another.

I want my sisters to feel their best so that they can shine their light and in the brightest way. This world needs more light.

I have helped other women live a balanced life within this modern. After seeing so many women struggle with the same things, I created programs to make all of my safe, practical and effective solutions accessible to all who are ready for this wisdom. My goal is to teach the effective principles and practices of our ancestors in a modern context for living a vibrant life.

I believe that pleasure is the cornerstone of sustainable healthy living. Living a healthy lifestyle will last when healthy food and lifestyle tastes and feels good. I believe that food can be a celebration rather than a chore when the focus is on good food and not counting calories.

I have done the research, tested and have proved the results SO that you can get back to feeling your best!

Join me and learn how to gracefully go through this transition. Most of us (including me) wouldn’t be able to figure out the best path to take on our own. If we could do it on our own, we would, but sometimes, we need guidance and encouragement. And I am here to guide you.

Honestly speaking, I am drawn to a bigger mission:

Because of the lessons and growing pains I have learned through my experiences, I am moved and feel obligated to help transform the world one woman at a time teaching the principles of feminine power to help women find their power from within.

Hi, I am Caroline. I am a Holistic Nutrition Expert and Longevity Coach, speaker and author of #1 International Best Selling book Fifty Shades of Grain: The Truth About Eating Bread and Feeling Great.

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