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Looking for a good recipe to step into making your own fermented foods? Or are you an experienced fermenter looking for an easier way to make sauerkraut? You won’t go amiss with this recipe. There are significant amounts of traditionally fermented foods. Foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and real sauerkraut are teeming with beneficial bacteria and are known to improve immunity.   Fortunately, they’re also simple to make.

Lacto Fermented Sauerkraut
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Lacto Fermented Sauerkraut
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  • several cabbages organic. I won’t tell you exactly how many cabbages you’ll need, or precisely how much salt as it all depends on your jars or crocks. You can make a very small amount of sauerkraut in a quart-sized mason jar or a very large amount in traditional kraut crocks. Use your judgment.
  • real salt like Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt
  1. First, shred the cabbage finely.   We shred by hand using a good quality knife.   I’d advise against using a food processor as doing so will cause the release of too much liquid in the shredding process and you want that liquid released in the pounding process.
  2. Once your cabbage is sufficiently and finely shredded, layer it in your jar or crock.  
  3. Next, sprinkle that layer with salt, not too much or the brine will be too salty, but generously enough so that salt crystals are visible over the cabbage.
  4. Now, pound the cabbage until it releases its liquid.   The cabbage’s nutrient-rich juices should mix with the salt and create a brine favorable to lactic-acid fermentation.  
  5. Continue layering and pounding, layering and pounding until the container is full.
  6. Now, pound it some more and make sure that the liquid covers the cabbage.   If it doesn’t, mix, and dilute brine of 1 Tbs. salt to 1 Cup water and pour the brine over the cabbage until the liquid completely covers the cabbage.
  7. At this point, you’ll need to follow the instructions of your fermentation device.   Ultimately, the cabbage will need to be weighted down, and the liquid should cover the weight.   Leave the cabbage to ferment for at least a week, maybe more depending on the quantity you’re making.   Be wary of molds and just scrape it off if it becomes a problem.
Recipe Notes


-A glass Jar or  Crock or Fermentation Device


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